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Smartphone devices are always at our fingertips and fully integrated in our day-to-day activities. Our product enables companies to interact with customers by connecting through their smartphones. CrowdConsole’s innovative infrastructure allows crowds to interact with billboards or monitors in public locations within seconds by using smartphones as their game controllers.

Convey a feeling of your brand to your customer by entertaining them through an innovative platform. We develop games tailored to your brand, according to our standard; which entails games that are accessible, interactive and entertaining for a wide variety of people. Aside from these standards, our product provides the right tools to gather customer data; getting to know your customers.

What is CrowdConsole?

CrowdConsole is a digital entertainment platform, which functions as a gamified marketing tool. Don't bother your customer with traditional content but create value by entertaining them. Turn smartphones into game controllers and let them play on monitors or billboards. Implementations can differ from single/multiplayer mode up to one hundred players.


Why CrowdConsole?


We develop CrowdConsole games that run on our unique infrastructure. We try to foster a social interaction between and within groups through entertaining them with games. Join our games by simply turning your smartphone into a game controller. Entertain your customers.


Our games are completely tailored to your brand. Our infrastructure provides the opportunity to connect with consumers and sending personalised messages to their phones. Increase the effectiveness of traditional marketing content by making it entertaining and fun.


Get to know your customer by using CrowdConsoles Business Intelligence tool. Ask your customer what you want to know. Gather valuable data which can be used for all sorts of marketing purposes. Get real-time insight by viewing the tailored BI dashboards.


How does CrowdConsole work?

Users can easily connect with their smartphone by entering the given URL displayed on the main screen. Your smartphone turns into a game controller, and the main screen becomes the user's playing field. Within seconds all users are gaming on the main screen in a tailored game. The main screen can be a digital billboard located at public areas.

What do we do?

We like to see happy faces. We try to achieve this by developing entertainment solutions. With our great team, we share the passion of CrowdConsole gaming. Therefor, we are constantly busy with improving our product.

We design and develop new CrowdConsole implementations, maintain our products and provide support. Our creative minds are working on new game designs and developing game assets. These games and the underlying network infrastructure are developed by our programmers. To insure that our solutions are always up and running, we maintain our products and offer support to our customers.




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